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We serve communities that produce, curate, archive, and access data, from individuals to large institutions, from artists, to archivists, to scientists and engineers.

Our mission is to preserve and provide access to critical digital information, forever.

Stop Migrating.

Start Preserving.

Learn how Bevara Preserve can future-proof your data.

Our Technology

Our Story

We lost our data.

To be exact, we had the data; we just couldn’t see it or use it. We were a couple of academics working on a research project. We wanted to revisit old data to compare it with our new research, but the files were in a proprietary format and the software that created them had become extinct.

Fast-forward to hours spent manually migrating old files from one format to another and translating old programs to new systems, knowing that the perpetual flood of new versions and platforms makes obsolescence inevitable and we’d have do it all over again in the future.

There had to be a better way.

We quickly realized that this problem is universal. Myriad file formats—from images, to emails, to PDFs, to videos, to CAD drawings, to GIS maps—being used today run the risk of becoming unreadable in the future, while others are difficult to access because they were created with expensive or proprietary or niche software.

But what if we converted the application instead of the data? Then we could access data without migrating it from one system to another, paying new licensing fees, or experiencing conversion loss.

That’s exactly what our technology does. We make your data accessible and usable, now and forever.

Our Technology

Simply put, Bevara Preserve software future-proofs your data. Our patented data packaging system ensures your datafile is secure and useable, regardless of how or when it was created.

It’s Simple

Our integrated platform extracts native file data and packages it with its metadata in an open-source container.

It’s Accessible

Each container includes a platform-independent file reader, eliminating the need for specific applications to access file data.

It’s Versatile

Our software packages a wide range of image, video, audio, database, and document file types, and integrates easily with your current asset management system.

It’s Scalable

Package one file—or one thousand—in seconds.

It’s Flexible

One-click data extraction makes it easy to use original file data in other applications. You can also edit and add new metadata.

It’s Effortless

Access and share content seamlessly and securely with our free Bevara Access player.

Media-specific licenses are available. Contact support@bevara.com to discuss your requirements or to receive a demo.

Read our White Paper: Digital Data Archiving


The need for preserving and accessing digital assets cuts across every sector. Whether you are a library archiving your collections for future generations, a university safeguarding your institutional records or assuring the dissemination of research data, or a biotech company protecting digital information in compliance with regulations, Bevara Preserve can future-proof your data.

  • Proprietary Formats  Does your institution have confidential, restricted formats?

  • Research Data Do your researchers have their own data in their own formats?

  • Obsolete Formats Is your data no longer readable because of its legacy format?

We develop data preservation solutions customized for your needs. We also offer branded and customized interfaces. Contact us at support@bevara.com to discuss your requirements or try a demo.


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COVID-19 Update

We are working hard to maintain the health and safety of our team. All of our team members continue to work remotely, but are available to assist via phone and teleconference. Please let us know how we can support you in these challenging times.

Medical Repair Database Goes Live!

Our thoughts are constantly with the medical community and those on the front lines.

We are happy to be able to contribute to iFixit’s medical device service manual archiving project that will help technicians keep vital devices running. See iFixit’s exciting announcement:   Introducing the World’s Largest Medical Repair Database, Free for Everyone

White Paper

We’ve posted a new white paper covering approaches to digital data archiving.