About Us


You’ve probably had the inconvenient experience of being unable to open a file because your software is outdated, or you need to download new software—and what happens if the software required is not supported by your operating system? It can feel like your file has fallen into a black hole.

Every file we use is packaged with data that must be decoded by local software before it can open on your screen. This platform-dependent model is not without limitations. File types become obsolete over time; software must be migrated or rewritten for every new platform and device you add to your arsenal. The list goes on….

Bevara Preserve solves this problem.

Our software packages your original file with a platform-independent reader into an open-source file, eliminating the need for a specific platform or program to view or interact with your data, and giving you guaranteed access to your file data forever.

Bevara Preserve software can process one file, or one thousand, in seconds. It’s that easy. Never again will you have to convert files, purchase or upgrade software, or migrate data to open your file, no matter how platforms and programs evolve.