What formats are supported by Bevara Preserve?

Our Accessors support a wide range of image, video, audio, database, and document file types, and we are adding new file types every day. We also provide support for custom data types, including proprietary scientific and research data formats. If [...]

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Who should use Bevara Preserve?

Bevara Preserve is ideal for anyone who needs guaranteed, long-term access to data. Our clients include archivists, data repositories, content generators, and content providers. Contact us at support@bevara.com to find out if Bevara Preserve is a good fit for you.

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What about my metadata?

Your metadata is also stored in its native format with its own Accessor, so you can easily add or edit metadata, or add text or HTML and XML formatted elements at any time to prevent metadata conversion loss.

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Will I have to migrate my data formats?

No. Your original data is stored in its native format with the appropriate platform-independent Accessor, so you will never have to convert files, purchase or upgrade software, or migrate data, no matter how platforms evolve.

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How do I use Bevara’s Accessors?

Bevara licenses its Preserve software application, which creates platform-independent, open-source BVR files from your original data. Store these files as you would any other file in your local or cloud data or management system or repository.  When you and your [...]

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What is an Accessor?

Accessors are lightweight, platform-independent, open-source software programs are packaged with your original, native data in an open-source file. They are used to open and display your native data,  so your file will open on any device, forever.

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