Simply put, Bevara Preserve software future-proofs your data. Our patented data packaging system ensures your datafile is secure and useable, regardless of how or when it was created.

It’s Simple

Our integrated platform extracts native file data and packages it with its metadata in an open-source BVR container.

It’s Accessible

BVR containers include a platform-independent file reader, eliminating the need for specific applications to access file data.

It’s Versatile

Our software packages a wide range of image, video, audio, database, and document file types, and integrates easily with your current asset management system.

It’s Scalable

Package one file—or one thousand—in seconds.

It’s Flexible

One-click data extraction makes it easy to use original file data in other applications. You can also edit and add new metadata.

It’s Shareable

Share content seamlessly and securely with our free Bevara Access player.

Media-specific licenses are available. Contact to discuss your requirements or to try a demo.