Easily handle all of your clients’ data types, even legacy or proprietary formats. Bevara enables display of data not natively supported in browsers, without transcoding into licensed formats.

Scientists & Engineers

Make your data come alive.  Bevara provides tools to embed dynamic data display and  interactive capabilities in your website or articles. Meet your funding agencies’ requirements to preserve and provide access to your data.


Stop paying for data normalization, migration, and hosting in multiple formats. Bevara provides both open-source and custom solutions to maintain and display your data in its native format.

Content Providers

Store and deliver content in your own proprietary or tailored formats. Bevara supports flexible options for both native access as well as scalable transcoding.

Experience Universal Access

Easily embed formats unsupported by many browsers, like this JPEG-2000 image.  It is shown from its native format, without the typical transcoding to JPEG-1. Open-source codecs let you handle a wide range of formats.
Develop and host your own experimental format like this JPEG-XL image – without concern about whether browsers will provide or drop support.
Support formats on your website that would otherwise require a plug-in. Tailor the interface to be as simple or as detailed as needed.
The Bevara development environment lets you use default controls or tailor the controls to exactly what you need – as with this legacy MPEG-1 video.