We’re committed to making sure that you can always access your data – no matter what the format

Our Story

We lost our data.
Or rather we still had it, but it was only readable via software written using outdated libraries that no longer worked.
Faced with the task of re-building a legacy format, we decided that there had to be a better option – an option that would make our data permanently accessible.
This lead to Bevara Preserve, an application  that packages data with its interpreter. Preserve let us store data in its native format, while ensuring it was viewable in browsers and apps.
We have now introduced the Bevara Access  IDE, an application that makes it simple for content owners to easily select portions of data to display, the algorithms used to access the data, and any tools needs to interact with the data.
Making Data Available

Meet the Founders

Dr. Maja Bystrom
Dr. Maja Bystrom – CEO
Maja is passionate about preserving data and making it easily accessible and shareable. Earlier in her career, she co-developed techniques for the dynamic updating of decoders to make them flexible, adaptable, and compact. She also co-founded OneCodec, Ltd. which created BeamShare, a tool for teams to easily share, review, and approve media.
Dr. Jérôme Gorin
Dr. Jérôme Gorin – CTO
Jérôme leads the design and implementation of the technologies at the heart of Bevara. Since his Ph.D., when he worked toward producing a virtual machine representation that could efficiently handle any kind of multimedia format on a wide range of architectures, he has continued developing technologies to improve interoperability and long-term accessibility for legacy, current, and future formats. As an expert in web technologies, he provides support to European regulatory authorities and lectures at many universities.