Solutions for Accessing and Preserving Data

  • Support any type of data

  • Keep your data in its native format

  • No normalization needed – save on conversion costs

  • Free, open-source solutions for legacy and current formats

  • Ensure on-going support of your content

  • Easily tailor display and interfaces to only required elements

  • Store access files with your data, never worry about losing or updating access ability

Explore Format Handling Scenarios

Add Basic Format Support To a Site or App

  • Rapid support of range of  formats inlcuding images, video, documents, and data.
  • Free, open-source solution

Tailor the Access Pipeline to your Requirements

  • Add your own pipeline elements or select between options
  • Adds flexibility for multimedia or multiple data subtypes
  • Easily verify the decoded and displayed data
  • Pipeline contains open-source and/or your proprietary elements

Handle Licensed Formats or Remote Storage

  • Need to support a licensed format? Bevara handles your licensing needs
  • Bevara provides cloud storage for pipeline elements

Permanently Preserve Your Data

  • Package your data and it’s access functionality together to ensure you never lose access
  • No conversion/normalization loss, your data is always available in its native form
  • Easily display the data in a website or app
  • Batch preservation options available