Accessor Features and Options

The Bevara Access IDE offers features such as library and tag selection. Contact our Sales Team if you would like to unlock the Bevara Premium or Preserve features.

Library Selection

The Bevara Access IDE uses a proprietary algorithm to select an optimal arrangement of filters to create the Accessor listed in the Required libraries section. However, any arrangement of available filters may be selected using the plus and minus button. Note that you must verify using the Preview pane that your selected set of filters is suitable to successfully display/playback the associated file.


The Tags selection section is auto-populated with one or more of  img, video, audio, and canvas  options, based on the auto-detected file format. While Bevara recommends that you use the default value, you may choose between these HTML elements, but you must ensure that the selected element supports the format and the controls required to display/playback the format.


The Attributes Options selection section is auto-populated with one or more of  Use cache, Use workers, Use webcodecs, Set scripts directory,  and Force output options, based on the auto-detected file format and selected Tag option. See Bevara-Specific Tags & Attributes for more information about these options.

Preserve Feature

The Preserve your file option is  a premium feature offered by the Bevara Preserve IDE.  Contact our Sales Team to upgrade to Bevara Preserve.