Bevara Access

A free, open-source IDE.

An easy-to-use tool based on Bevara open-source libraries to create a decoding and presentation pipeline. Use the auto-suggested pipeline elements or tailor the elements to your needs. Drop the generated HTML into your website for easy display and playback of many types of file formats.

Bevara Access Premium

A tool for tailored presentation of formats.

The Bevara Access Premium IDE adds on a layer of flexibility to allow you to use proprietary pipeline elements and tailor the interface for each data format or individual data file.  Incorporate your own platform-independent libraries or license underlying libraries to support a wide range of data formats. The Canvas Editor allows you to easily choose the data interface and interaction elements needed for any type of data.

Bevara Preserve

Future-proof your data with one click.

The Bevara Preserve IDE lets you keep your data in its native form, while being able to display and interact with it in a browser or application. It incorporates the features of the Bevara Access IDE and the Bevara Access Premium IDE to make it easy to tailor your display and access needs for a single file, or batch process multiple files. The Preserve feature packages your data with a platform-independent interpreter that contains all the code needed for display or playback of your data from its native, unnormalized form.

Bevara Open-Source Developer IDE

A tool for open-source developers.

The Bevara Open-Source Developer IDE provides many of the Bevara Access Premium tools free to developers who wish to contribute open-source Accessors to the Bevara project.  This is appropriate for those who are developing new open-source formats that they would like to be easily supportable in browsers or who are working to keep legacy open-source formats alive. Please contact Bevara Support for more information.